How do I get started using Tribecar?

  1. Sign up with Tribecar first before registrating with Grab.
  2. Indicate on sign up that you are using for private hire during registration.

If you are driving for Grab:

Join GrabPowerHour to enjoy special tie up incentives.

Go to to register with Grab. An SMS to guide you through the online trainings for both Tribecar and Grab will be sent to you.

Make a booking minimum one hour in advance (i.e booking by 3pm for starting trip at 4pm) to ensure that vehicle details are correct updated at your booking start time. Logout and login to your Grab account again if the change is not reflected.

Tribecar will at its best effort basis ensure that the vehicles details are updated. In the event if the vehicle is not updated and hirer is unable to drive, please call Grab hotline to get the vehicle details updated. Tribecar will not be responsible for any refund or compensation.

Is there any minimum contract period or minimum job required?

Not at all, you only pay for what you use and you have your maximum flexibility.

Will cars be available every time?

Cars are deployed based on number of hirers in a location and its utilization. Do drop us an email if you wish to do bulk booking or constantly unable to get your desired slots. You are welcome to make multiple bookings up to 28 days in advance. Do make your bookings early especially on weekends.

Can I book the car for more than one day?

Yes, you can book as long as weekly, daily or even just 1 hour!

Can I add relief driver into my account?

Yes, please write in to Tribecar if you have a relief driver driving for Grab and Tribecar will assist to update the vehicle details with Grab during your booking.

Where can I obtain my rental agreement/logcard and insurance?

Inform Grab that you are hirer of Tribecar and you need not present any of the documents upon signing up.

What do I need to note with the new regulation for private hire car drivers and vehicles?

You will only need to apply and obtain a Private Hirer Vocational License (PDVL) ready from June 2018 onwards.

How do I contact Grab/Uber?

Is Tribecar e-wallet linked to GrabPay?

No, you will have to top-up the amount separately into Tribecar’s e-wallet and ensure you have sufficient amount in order to make a booking on Tribecar’s account.

How will Uber/Grab pay me?

Grab will pay you directly to your bank account and Tribecar do not take any commission amount. Please attend Grab driver app training to find out more!